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Non Existent Customer Service

My television was having problems with color tent and Internet. I only have a few days left on my warranty when this happened so I called in.
I did not get the name of the first person I talk to you but I wish I would have. This man has no business being in customer service. He informed me that if I couldn’t give him my serial number on the TV that I would have to call back when I could give it to him. I told him that I paid for them to install it on the wall and there was no way I could take it off the wall or get to the serial number and since I am a Best Buy member and they have the TV information on my account and they were actually the ones who purchased the TV to replace a TV that was under warranty with them that I was not going to call back and that we were going to get my repair started. He said if that’s the way I was going to be he was going to hang up on me then. I told him he was not going to hang up on me and that I wanted to speak to someone who was over him. He said if I wanted to speak to someone over him I could hang up and call back. I informed him I was not going to hang up and call back that I wanted to speak to someone who was his superior. He again said that I could hang up and call back. I again informed him that I was not going to hang up and call back. I asked him if there was someone there who worked over him. He said there was. I asked to speak to that person. I had to ask more than one time before he finally put me on hold so I could. I then spoke to a nice lady named Doris. She got my appointment set up without having to have my serial number and I thought everything was fine. She got me scheduled for October 5th which is a Saturday morning from 8 AM to 12 AM. Later that day in my email I saw there was an email from Best Buy confirming my appointment. There was one problem with this. They had my appointment time from 12 PM to 4 PM. No one called to see if they could change the time or if I was even going to be available at that time. This time do not work for me or my husband since I’m going to be at my brothers funeral in Mississippi during that time and he is going to be at work. I am mediately called in to see why the appointment time was different. I talked to a lady named JR. She said it probably got changed because it didn’t get put into the system fast enough and by the time it was put into the system there was no more appointments available from 8 AM to 12 PM and if I couldn’t do it from 12 to 4 then it would have to be rescheduled for another day. She did tell me maybe it couldn’t be rescheduled since my warranty was going to be up by the time it would be rescheduled that so maybe they wouldn’t be out to repair my TV at all. I told her that should not be the case since I filed a claim before my warranty was up. She had to put me on hold numerous times to figure out if that was the case. She then said that we could schedule it on Saturday, October 12 from 8 AM to 12 PM. I went ahead and took that appointment day and time. The more I thought about it though why am I being penalized and having to watch a TV that has a horrible blue tint to it and not being able to watch my shows on Netflix and Amazon prime because my TV can’t pick up the Internet because someone on your end made a mistake. I don’t understand how a customer could be treated so badly from start to finish.
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Re: Non Existent Customer Service

Hi, alisep322


Welcome to Best Buy’s online community! I am glad to know that you turned to Best Buy for help when your TV stopped working. While I know that repairing the TV is time-sensitive because of the Geek Squad Protection Plan (GSP) is expiring soon. That can also add to the anticipation of getting a technician out to your home and determining the issue with your TV.


The experience that you had when originally calling to make a repair appointment, is not one that we would like our customer to receive. I understand that the TV was installed by Best Buy, and due to its location, it would be hard to read that serial number. I am glad to know that you were able to get an appointment set up. However, it must have been upsetting to see that the hours of the appointment didn’t coordinate with your personal schedule. I am sorry for the trouble that you had set the appointment up, and we hope that the technician is able to determine the issue with your TV so that you can enjoy your streaming subscriptions.


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with our team.



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