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Horrible service for Total Tech Support member!

Dear Sir or Madam, I, like so many other of the Total Tech Support reviewers, am disgusted with the service I have been receiving from the Geek Squad and from Best Buy in general.  Last October I purchased a 55" TV from my local BB in Snellville, GA.  I wanted a Samsung as I have had great luck with that brand.  I was talked into a Vizio and I have had nothing but trouble with this TV ever since.  I started calling BB right after I bought the TV and I called VIzio too.  Vizio was absolutely no help to me.  Finally, BB sent out a Geek Squad agent who spent 3 hours basically replacing the guts of the TV.  He got it working but it continued to act up, fuzzy screens, turning itself off, etc.  When I came home from BB earlier today, the TV will not work at all.  I called BB Geek Squad and explained that I was a disabled widow and the TV is important to me.  At this point I want a new TV because I bought into the BB warranty sales talk.  I thought I was protected from a lemon, but all I have gotten is double talk and excuses!  To make matters worse, I am trying to apply for social security and I need my printer and the copy and scan funtion. 


Nine days ago my printer just stopped working so I called the Geek Squad and they told me I had to wait 9 days until 9/26 for an agent.  I could not believe it!  What happened to the days when you could request a Geek Agent and the wait time was maybe 2 days?  I believe that this Total Tech program took off in popularity (it used to be a good deal) but BB hasn't, and maybe doesn't intend to, hire more Geek Agents.  Saving money at the consumer's expense.  I will not be renewing my TT contract when it expires!  The Agent who came to help me yesterday was extremely nice and he tried to repair my old printer so maybe I could take the new one I purchased back to the store.  I just spent $4,000 at the dentist so every dollar helps on my pension.  He told me to buy a replacement color ink so I could make copies and scan, etc.  I returned the printer this morning, came home,replaced it and no luck.  Now I have to wait a week for him to get out again and I have to go back to BB and get a new printer and the expensive ink.  So now, thanks to BB, I have no printer and no TV for at leat one week.  How is that any kind of customer service?  Customer care that we pay for?  As far as the BB warranties, they are a joke.  If you happen to get a lemon, good luck trying to get them to admit that,even after intermediate repairs, and giving you a new TV!  Their warranties are a total rip-off.  The salesman promises you wonderful things, but God forbid you have problems-they don't want to hear from you! 


I called the corporate number and was promised a call back within 16 minutes-that was over an hour ago and no call.  I think I will stop doing business with BB all together and I get my TV fixed or replaced and my new printer installed, I am done!  And I will tell anyone who will listen, and I have lots of friends, to stay away from BB!  I am now on hold with coporate again.  I finally got someone in Geek Squad who, after listening to my story, told me he couldn't help me and he transferred me to home theater, supposedly.  I've been on hold for 14 minutes thus far.  The recorded message keeps running to tell me how wonderful the Total Tech support program is. I was once againt told that if I didn't want to wait on hold, I could give them my number and I will receive a call back within 45 minutes. What a crock!  I am hoping that an Agent will respond to my written complaint and help me get a Geek Squad Agent here much sooner that a week!  I may be without my TV for 2 or three weeks.  Totally unacceptable and there is no recourse once you are a Total Tech member. I'm in pain 24/7 and my TV is my only diversion.  I hope someone can help me.

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Re: Horrible service for Total Tech Support member!

Hello, MissVee2019,


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums! We wish you were reaching out under better circumstances, but we appreciate you taking the time to create a profile and connect with our community.


These issues certainly sound like a bit of a headache, so I’d be happy to step in here and assist in any way I can. First, regarding the “No-Lemon Benefit”, this applies to items that require a third repair concerning the same defect during the Coverage Period. The full terms of your Geek Squad Protection (GSP) can be viewed here.


Regarding the appointment timeframe you were given, please understand that services are scheduled as they come in, and they may not be available within 2-3 days of requesting at all times.


If you are still seeking some support with this TV repair, as well as your printer, please click on the blue button in my signature below to send me a private message. Please include your full name, email, phone number, and Service Order number so we can review this further.



Quinton|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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