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Horrible In Store Customer Service

On 10/13/19 at approximately 1430 hours, I came here with my wife to drop off an iPhone 7 to get the battery changed. During this time, the wife wanted to purchase an IPad Pro 256g in Silver for her birthday. We went to the Apple product section and was looking at the IPad Pro. We look for approximately 2-3 minutes. A mother/daughter came up and was looking at Apple watches. The employee (Mateo) came up and didn't acknowledge us and went straight up to the other customers to help them. The entire time we were there looking at the iPads. He didn't say a word. Approximately 4-5 minutes later, my geek squad employee came to get me to get more information from me. Approximately 15 min later, we walked back to the Apple Section where we were once alone. Nobody was in sight. We continued to look at the Apple IPads for another few minutes when some other customers came up to look at products. Once again, the employee (Mateo)comes up, doesn't acknowledge us and starts speaking to the other customers. We were standing right next to the other customers. I guess common sense doesn't tell Mateo to ask, who was next? Or acknowledge, I'll be right with you. Etc. At this time, I was pretty upset and went to customer service. I asked for a Store Manager and of course none was around for me to speak with. The Geek Squad manager said Mateo was new which is really no excuse. On a side note, I brought my IPhone 7 to get a new battery installed, I was told 1 hour then 15 minutes and then tech comes out and tells me that new battery is in but home button no longer works. OMG!!! He said he will replace it with a new IPhone 7 but I asked do you even have a 128g in Matt black in stock, he said "We should have one in stock." I was like ummm okay. This 2nd issue is still pending as I didn't know the outcome yet. Plan today, was to get a battery installed in my iPhone 7, and give it to my dad but I guess the plan isn't happening today. I am awaiting a call from Geek Squad as we speak. (Sigh)
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Re: Horrible In Store Customer Service

Hi, Axix23,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. I'm sorry about the poor experience you had with your repair, and with that purchase. We never want to leave a customer unserved, and our goal is to get all repairs done right the first time.


If you are still waiting on that iPhone, please send a private message in to me by using the link in my signature. I'll need your name, email address, phone number, and your service order number.


I would also like to follow up with that store about the poor sales experience you had. That same information will allow me to do that.



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Re: Horrible In Store Customer Service

IPhone 7 issue has been resolved. Geek squad provided me with a new iPhone a day later. I never did receive a call like I was promised but I had to call them a day later to find out what was going on. Your online service tracking was worthless as it didn’t show any status other than being checked in. I am still upset about the entire situation with the employee (Mateo). I saw the Geek Squad manager the next day and he did not acknowledge me or say one word to me.
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Re: Horrible In Store Customer Service

Hello there, Axix23! 


Thanks for posting with us again on here! I'm glad to hear that your iPhone 7 issues have since been resolved by the store. This being said, it's disappointing to hear that you did not get the follow-up that you were looking for in regards to your concerns. 


If you'd like, we would still be happy to take down your concerns here at Best Buy Corporate, in hopes that we can improve upon this in the future. To do so, please feel free to send me a private message, and we'd be happy to ensure that your concerns are documented.



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