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Geek Squad Broke My Iphone and did not tell me, but has now admitted it Best Buy #876

I went in to drop off my iphone 7plus fora battery replacement yesterday 9/23/2019.  A Geek Squad tech ran a diagnostic and verified my phone needed a battery and that there was no other damage.  I then left and returned 2 hours later to pick my phone.  A different person went and got my phone and told me that they were unable to replace battery because there was a cable broken inside.  I asked how could this be as my iphone was working perfectly and that had passed the diagnostic test. The tech, named Ray Tejada, told me that when they opened the iphone it was broken and they got on the Apple Chat and were advised to do nothing further to the phone.  He said they put the phone back together and it was fully funcational.  He then refunded me the money I paid for the battery replacement.  As I was walking out of the store I was putting my phone back in its case. I then went to try to use it, and noticed the home button was not working and the Assistive Touch was on.  I immediately went back and asked to speak to a manager.  The manager was Ray Tejada.  I explained to him that now my home button did not work and Touch ID did not work.  He then went and asked the tech who took my phone with in, if  the touch ID and home button were working.  The tech confirmed that they were.  He then went and talked to the tech that performed the service, Jessica.  He took her back and did not return for several mintues.  Once he returned he told me he was sorry, that he knew Geek Squad accepted a phone that was working and now it wasn't.  He told me he could not get a "stratight answer" from Jessica about what happened to my phone.  He told me if he had a phone like mine he would give me a replacement. However Apple had recalled the iphone 7, so he was going to contact Apple and promised to get this resolved.  He told me he would call me the same day with an update.  I told him I was very upset and most upset with the decietful, unethical behavior of how Geek Squad did not tell me the phone was broken when they returned it.  I truly feel like Geek Squad tried to manipulate me.  I left the store and waited for Ray to call me.  He did call me and told me I had 2 options, bring the phone back to Best Buy and be without a phone for 1-2 weeks as they would send the phone off to Apple.  Second option visit an Apple store, he said this would be my optimal choice.  He said I would need to scheudle appointment and as soon as they saw my phone's serial numbers they would know the issues and fix the phone.  I told him that the only reason I went to Geek Squad is becuase the Apple Store did not have availability until Wednesday 9/25/19.  He told me he would try to see what he could do and call me back.  He did call me back and said that he could do nothing about scheduling me with the Apple Store.  He then said to keep him updated, and basically absolved himself from the situation.  I then scheduled an Apple appointment and now there isn't one until Friday, 9/27/2019 in the middle of the day 12:50.  So now I am left with a broken phone, that home button doesn't work, headphones don't fully work, and touch ID does not work.  I am very upset with how this has been handled.  I am looking at missing time from work, to go to an Apple Store that is not close to me in order to get a faster appointment.  I am looking for some type of resolution that is fair, and adequately resolves this issue.

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Re: Geek Squad Broke My Iphone and did not tell me, but has now admitted it Best Buy #876

Hello, salasana782,


Thanks for reaching out!


We should always aim to provide our customers with the utmost level of transparency in everything that we do but that definitely wasn't the case here. Accidents can happen but they shouldn't be hidden from our customers and if this was the case here it is definitely not acceptable. I do apologize for all of this and I'd love to see how I can best help. While my options are limited, I can attempt to pair up with the store and see how we can work together to find a resolution. While I can't make any promises, we can put everything on the table and see how to best approach this. To get started, could you please shoot us a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number. We'll continue our conversation there.



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