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Elder Abuse-wrong product sold to customer, me

In February ,2019, I, a 74 year old computer illiterate personwho only wanted to hear Sirius radio

,was not told of the existence of Sirius Radio players but was sold 3 Sonus one speakers to hear Sirios station on Alexa home .

Subsequently, after  several Geek Squad installations and repairs  , the system repeatedly crashed.


The Geek Squad technician  talked me into buying 3 additional Google mini devices to control the lights , in addition to the Alexa set up. This dual system repeatedly crashed. Attempts to fix it failed. Presently only one mini Google device works not by oral command but by accessing my Iphone Ap.


I would like to return all 6 devices, 3 Sonus One speakers and 3 Google minis to obtain what I originally should have been sold for 3 Sirius Radio players.

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Re: Elder Abuse-wrong product sold to customer, me

Hi there, jennie2! 


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Forums! 


Having problems with technology is never fun, and we tend to expect that it will work 100 percent at all times (at least I do!). I'm sorry to hear that you've been having some trouble with the system that you purchased.


I'd like to look into this for you, but will need some information to begin. If you will please send me a private message that includes the following, I’ll do my best to help:

  • Your full name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your order number

To send me a private message, please click the button labeled "Private Message" in my signature below.



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Re: Elder Abuse-wrong product sold to customer, me

Maybe things have changed, but I thought each dedicated satellite radio had to have it's own separate paid account, where as the Google home internet based devices would only need one account.