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Dealing with laptop issues since June--still not fixed (Complaint)

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Yes I have a protection plan!

No my laptop has been in two different stores and nothing has been done to fix my laptop.  I started in June and the original issues I have been dealing with are still not fixed and tomorrow is October.  I have brought it in several times--called several times and I am in a loop between going to the store and calling.  I have NEVER had this happen before, I buy many things with Best Buy and I have several protection plans.  But this is really awful.  I keep saying the problem is not fixed and when I do they keep my device for long periods of time and tell me they worked on it.  First they said it must be a virus (but they found no virus). Then they said they will just turn off the hybrination mode to fix things--still not fixed.  Next they said the device is hot that must be the issue--nope!  Then they said it just needed to be rebooted, which they did and still the problem persisted.  Finally they said it was the memory.  The problem persists and I keep getting the run around.  I called when the problem showed up again and they said they would escalate everything.  I was told I'd get call call, text or email.  Nothing!  I called back in a week and the agent said they could not help me becasue it had been escalated.  Today, I called (two weeks later) and was told to call the district manager Jeff {removed per forum guidelines}.  His phone is disconnected.  When I called back to corporate, I was given the number {removed per forum guidelines}.  This happened in CO and this number is for someone on central time.  I am so disappointed and upset.  My device has been kept for over a month and when I got it back it still was not fixed.  I brought it in and they kept it for a week and had not assigned it to an agent.  I needed my laptop desperately, and it was just sitting in the back room for over a week with nothing being done.  I took it to another store hoping to get things resolved quickly and complained that I did not want to be without my laptop for too long.  I had left my laptop in the car and the GM said I must be having the problem because my device is warm--seriously?  They said all I needed was a complete reboot and that should fix everything.  No, not at all, I still have the same problems that I had in June, including that my touch screen is detached from the back. I have called and gone into the store so many times it is ridiculous. Finally, I was told that if this problem persisted, I would get another laptop, so that I would not have to wait again.  However, that has not happened.

Obviously my time is not valuable to Best Buy!

I am just not use to this type of treatment.  Usually I drop whatever I've bought off and get it back working wonderfully.  I have never experienced this type of violation to my trust before with Best Buy. It has been MY responsibility to get this resolved and instead of fixing the problem I have been treated as if there is no problem.  There is a problem!!  Why won't Best Buy make it right?  Why do I have to waste my time over and over again!

Extremely dissappointing!!

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Re: Dealing with laptop issues since June--still not fixed (Complaint)

I have had the worst experience,too. Has anyone responded to your post?
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Re: Dealing with laptop issues since June--still not fixed (Complaint)

No, there has been no contact or resolution

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Re: Dealing with laptop issues since June--still not fixed (Complaint)

Hi there, dHS123,

Welcome to the Best Buy Forums and thank you for taking the time to connect with us

We appreciate you choosing and trusting Geek Squad with your laptop. As someone who uses their laptop daily, I can most certainly understand wanting to get your device as soon as possible. We're sad to hear that your laptop still isn't working optimally. This certainly isn't the experience we'd want any of our members to go through. Our Geek Squad Protection plans offer protection on your devices that aligns within the Terms and Conditions, and we never intend for you to go an extended period of time without your device. 

I see you have sent us a private message regarding this as well, and I'd be more than happy to follow up with you there shortly. Please be on the lookout for my message.

Best Regards,

Alyssa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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