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Best Buy - Warranty Sucks

I had my fridge break down about six months ago. I thought Best Buy does the repairs but found out later that they third party the warranty which I was ok with. I have a little kid and needed to get the fridge working and was told they can be out in ten days. I was angry about the wait but had no choice. A & E services later decided to cancel my appointment the day before after working business hours. The next day they could have made it out was almost two weeks later. I called Best Buy to complain but they gave me little choice but to wait. The second time they were scheduled they were a no show. They said the address was not correct. They used my billing address vs my home address. They finally got someone out a thrid time which later told me it would almost a month for them to get a part in. I ended up buying a new fridge since I could not wait any longer. They did come back and fix it but had tons of issues when they left. The ice make would not work, one of my doors would not swing correctly, the freezer failed right away. I just called them again to repair my freezer portion of the fridge and they were a no show and said they tried calling. When on the phone they said they will research it and after 10 minutes of being on hold they just hung up on me. I believe my next scheduled appointment is next week. I wanted to place a negative review but realized that I was beat by almost 800 1 star reviews with an average rating of 1.1. How does Best Buy third party to a company with a 1.1. Do you have no standards, is there really no other options. Does being an elite member offer any benifets. Best Buy was my favorite store to shop at and would even avoid buying items online to support them. I dont belive I can shop here anymore since they are the ones that found me this nightmare company. 

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Re: Best Buy - Warranty Sucks

Hi there, ChrisJindo,

Welcome to the Best Buy Forums and thank you for taking the time to write in to us.

We're so sorry to hear about the state of your fridge, as having a broken fridge is less than optimal, especially when you have children as well. We certainly never intend for this to happen to any of our members, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. We truly appreciate your patience and for sharing this with us. I can most certainly understand wanting to get in contact with the appropriate team regarding this. I'd be more than happy to assist in any way that I can! To do so, can you please send me a private message that includes your full name, phone number, email address, and service order number? You can send a secure private message by selecting the "Private Message" button below in my signature. 

Best Regards,

Alyssa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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