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Best Buy Life: Until Dawn

by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist on ‎11-16-2015 07:21 AM (6,586 Views)

It was Halloween and what better way to celebrate than by sitting in the dark playing Until Dawn


Until Dawn has a unique mix of survival horror and choose-your-own adventure elements.  The overall atmosphere and cliché character portrayals lead to an experience that reminds me of my favorite horror movies. 


I originally played Until Dawn and had a great time crafting my own experience.  I’d highly advise anyone playing for the first time to make it as authentic as possible.  What I mean by authentic is to let your decisions be instinctive to your own personal experiences/beliefs.  It will really add to the value of the game and make you feel like your decisions truly matter overall. 


Until Dawn 001.PNG


I won’t spoil the story, but let you know there are several different endings to this game depending on the choices you make.  Be mindful that if you choose to do something or not do something the outcome could mean the end to your favorite characters life. 


I’ve been having this weird desire to platinum games on the PlayStation 4.  I can proudly say that I was able to get the Until Dawn Symphony of Horror Platinum trophy. 


Until Dawn 003.PNG


Are you playing or did you play Until Dawn?  Who was your favorite or least favorite character?  Let us know by posting below or on the “What are you playing?” thread. 

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