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my Insignia 32" tv has audio issue. 6 mo. after purchase no service plan

I purchased a Insignia 32" tv that has been having audio issues that have not resolved themselves by replacing the DirecTV receiver.  problem is, when i turn the tv on, i get video, and no audio, i can keep the DirecTV receiver on, and turn only the tv off and then on again, and it resolves itself.  its definitely the tv as i've gone through two DirecTV receivers without this issue resolving. 


I only purchased this TV 6 months ago without a service plan (because it looked very nice as a display, though its really awful, because it clearly looked much better than other other units due to their display units having been calibrated by a technician to appear better than what you get when you take a new one home).  


I still have the receipt, and would like to know if they will fix this for me for free.  I have read a number of many different sources saying they are not cooperative with supporting the units they sell (with or without service plan).  I could have sworn I had heard that they will either fix or replace it there at there at the store within the first year.  is that true ?  if it is who do i have to speak with to have it either fixed or replaced ?



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Re: my Insignia 32" TV has audio issue. 6 mo. After purchase no service plan

Insignia's carry a 1 year manufacturer Warranty. In order to take advantage of this you will need to bring your TV into the store and the store will ship it out to the service center.


As for the TV's looking better in the store then at home. That is incorrect. We simply take the TV's out of the boxes and put them on display. We use a standard RG6 Coaxial cable to send a 1080i image to the screen via a closed loop system.


In other words, your probably not sending your TV a high definition signal or taking into account that your home is darker then the store.

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Re: my Insignia 32" TV has audio issue. 6 mo. After purchase no service plan

i had come to the conclusion that they calibrated that particular model, because my tv at home, doesn't look as good as the TV in the store.  i'm using a high definition DirecTV DVR.  While your store might not do that, i'm entitlted to believe what i'd like regarding where i purchased my product.  I know that when i viewed the TV upon purchasing, the Insignia model looked much better than the other name brand TV's, and i was urged by the kid helping me to get a name brand model, and i didn't understand because i judged by the picture itself.  unfortutnately, its not great here at home, even with high def DirecTV DVR with all the settings correct. 


I also accept the store i purchased it from, wouldn't admit to having adjusted the picture if confronted.  


The audio problem persists though.  can anyone tell me how long it would take Best Buy to warranty my TV through Insignia ?  I would not want to be without a set for a long time.  



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Re: my Insignia 32" TV has audio issue. 6 mo. After purchase no service plan

I actually just called Best Buy, and they told me contact a local Electronics shop, they faxed over all the warranty information to the Electronics shop and then they contacted me(asked me for model and serial #) then setup a inhome service(and I did not have a service plan on this model, just manufacturers warranty). The guy came out, thru in a CD to get a solid signal to see what exactly was happening then popped the back of my TV out, swapped out a circuit panel and "whammo" everything was fine. He even helped me put it back above my fireplace(even though they are not suppose to). It did take(with paper work and scheduling about 2weeks for everything to come to head) but you get to keep the TV(although since you have a audio problem....its not the same) my picture was fine just 1/4 of the screen did wierd stuff....


Just call and set things up(bestbuy did not require me to bring the TV in, which is nice as its mounted on the wall above my fireplace) Smiley Happy