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TV stuck in Standby mode


   I purchased the Dynex model DX-LCD37-09 about 15 months ago. On the back it says it was manufactured in May 2008. It is now October 2009, my warranty is expired and my TV does not work anymore. The red standby light is on and when I press the power button, the green power light flashes twice and then the red standby light comes back on. Why would a TV only last 15 months? I just find it pretty convenient that there were NO problems until the warranty expired. Has anyone else had this problem? Please help????? I am so frustrated.

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Re: TV stuck in Standby mode

I have had a similar problem with my digital tv freezing. I have to unplug it for a few seconds before it will work again. I guess you could try that.

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Re: TV stuck in Standby mode

Found a thread on the net, for same issue of a Dynex TV.  Trying doing a reset of the TV by unplugging the power and any connected devices for a couple hrs.  Possibly overnight.  Plug it in for 1 hr then perform the same process again.   No garuntee but worth a shot Smiley Happy