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Sorry but Samsung 3D TV sucks

Prepare for a long rant. I just have to let it out somewhere.


So My boyfriend and I bought Samsung UN55c7000 and I'm regretting it with my heart.
Their 3D glasses are really expensive but they are NOT worth the price.
1. They are heavy so it's really tiresome to be wearing them for long

2. you also need to charge the battery after use or else it's gonna give you some SERIOUS flickers. This is annoying for a someone like my boyfriend who likes playing games for many hours.
I do understand that flickers and crosstalks are expected on active 3D TVs but they are still so annoying.
3. Another stupid thing about this TV is its "energy saving" censor. Glasses will turn off automatically if you don't move for like 10 minutes "to save energy"
Like most people, I like to sit back and relax while watching TV, not moving around and shaking my head every 10 minutes to keep them on.

We're taking this Samsung 3D TV back to the store this weekend. We were supposed to go last week but .. oh well

We're going to exchange it for LG Cinema 3D LW6500, which is a passive model.

Apparently passive models don't have these problems.

I'll let you guys know how that works out.


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Re: Sorry but Samsung 3D TV sucks

I completely agree with you. I had the exact same model and it was so annoying that the glasses keep turning itself off. I thought it was broken at first so I took it back to the store but they said it was fine. But it kept happening so I bought another pair of glasses and they were so expensive. New pair still had the same problem so I called Samsung only to find out that’s just how they were built. I returned the TV and got LW5600 instead.  I’m satisfied with it so far. U should definitely exchange your tv for the LG one cuz LG ones are so much better (no flickers and crosstalks ever) and the glasses are not as expensive.

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Re: Sorry but Samsung 3D TV sucks

Ah, that sucks Smiley Sad And thanks for letting the rest of us know about this..

And your number 3 made me laugh out loud. Sorry, you're mad but that bit was funny... just the mental picture of you and your boyfriend shaking your heads to keep the 3D going xD


Anyways, point is, you're making a good choice by taking that back and getting Cinema 3D! I recommend it Smiley Happy

It's certified flicker free and battery free. The 3D glasses are seriously my favourite part, not to mention they're lightweight

Since Cinema 3D offers wide viewing angle, you can lie down and still enjoy a great 3D effect.

Another great thing about LG's Cinema 3D, particularly, is the light boost tech that makes images twice as bright!


So, yeah, hope it all goes well and update us on your new model! Good luck Smiley Happy

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Re: Sorry but Samsung 3D TV sucks

Just a FYI you can lay down and watch 3D on a Active Plasma set as well. Only Active LCD 3D had issues with not allowing 3D while laying down.
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Re: Sorry but Samsung 3D TV sucks

Sheeple... I mean, people get so influenced by marketing these days.  As Neihn said, you could have avoided all this trouble by going plasma instead of the so-called "superior" LED TV.  Now that you all are buying LW5600s, not only have you taken a step back in 3D picture quality, but you take two steps back in 2D picture quality in regards to black level detail (contrast for lamen sheeple) and color accuracy.  If you do go LG, take my advice and get the 60PZ950.  It uses active glasses but without all the problems of an LED active set.

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Re: Sorry but Samsung 3D TV sucks

I agree, marketing affects choices when purchasing however facts and performance need to be accurate in claims.  I won't argue with you however the 60PK950 is the top of the line LG model at the moment.

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Re: Sorry but Samsung 3D TV sucks


Update on Cinema 3D: I don’t know about LW5600 but LG did a firmware and software update on LW6500 to improve the picture quality. Basically instead of showing 2 frames in a time period of 1/200 seconds, now they show 4 frames to show 1080i for each eye, creating better quality 3D pictures. @vmiddletonv: if you’re gonna change over to LG Cinema 3D, you should go for LW6500. You should get benefits of passive 3D TV AND good picture quality.

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Re: Sorry but Samsung 3D TV sucks

I have the un55d8000, great picture quality, glasses are not that heavy. Completely satisfied. Only gripe, couldn't wait for the 60".
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Re: Sorry but Samsung 3D TV sucks


I’ve had the same problem with my Samsung 3D TV. I think I had a different model but I don’t even remember the model # because I took it right back after a week. First of all, I wasn’t happy that I had to pay another $200 for 2 pairs of 3D glasses. I thought a 3D TV would come with 3D glasses. Both my sister and I wear prescribed glasses and these 3D glasses are really uncomfortable to wear over prescribed glasses. And you are right about the energy saving censor turning the glasses off every now and then. Who in the world moves every couple minutes to keep the 3D glasses working?  I seriously don’t know what Samsung was thinking when they made these glasses. The flickers are really really annoying. I couldn’t concentrate on the movie because I couldn’t ignore the flickers. My TV also had a serious crosstalk problem as well. I called Samsung to ask them about this only to find out that “it’s supposed to do that.”

Yeah, you should definitely exchange it for LG Cinema 3D. It looks way nicer and it includes the 3D glasses. I returned my Samsung 3D and haven’t found a new one yet but I’m waiting for the next LG 3D TV to come out (LW9500 or something?). It’s supposed to be released near the end of this year but I’m not sure. If anyone has information on this, please let me know.