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Need help setting up my new Sony STR-DH810 Receiver

A few questions on hooking up a few things to the receiver. I only have a 5.1 set up at my house and this new receiver has hookups for a 7.1 set up. Which slots do I use for my 5.1 surround sound set up? I don't seem to have sound coming out of my back speakers. Also, I have a wii to hook up to the receiver and have bought the component cord for it. I read in the instructions that it would upconvert and connect to the tv by the hdmi cord going to the tv. I plug the component into component 1 and the sound into the "sound in" right under it. How do I get the video to work? I can hear it, but get no video. After many tries, I just hooked up the component cord from the wii directly to the tv and then used my previous audio cord from the tv to the receiver for the audio. Any suggestions on optimizing this set up? One other question is that when I hook my BD player and direct tv receiver by hdmi to the Sony receiver - why to get it to work do I have to choose HDMI 1 or 2 on the remote? Just wondering why I can't use the button on the remote labeled BD or SAT/CATV?

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Re: Need help setting up my new Sony STR-DH810 Receiver

If you were getting sound and no picture when you had the Wii hooked up to your surround sound receiver, your TV was probably on the wrong input.  You would have needed to use the source or input button on your TV's remote and changed the input to the component 1 choice, since that is the port you stated you plugged the Wii into on the TV.


Your cable remote may not be programmed to work with the blu-ray player.  However, I think you're misunderstanding the function of the buttons at the top of your remote labeled TV, Sat/Cab, VCR, etc.  Your cable remote doesn't work like a Harmony remote.  Pushing those buttons at the top of your cable remote are not like pushing the Watch TV or Watch DVD functions on a Harmony (meaning pushing them doesn't change the TV's input automatically).  All those buttons at the top of the remote are for that you're describing are to tell the remote which components to control.  For example, you are watching cable TV and just used the remote to change the channel but now you want to adjust the volume.  You would have to hit the "TV" button on the cable remote to switch the remote from controlling the cable box to controlling the TV.  Otherwise, you'd hit the volume controls over and over and nothing would happen b/c the remote would still think it was controlling the cable box.  Only a Harmony remote (or similar universal remote) can change the TV's input with the click of a function button.


And to explain why one must change the TV's input when switching components, I always compare the process to the way a tube TV used to work for those that are new to the flat screen TVs.  Think of the way your old TV probably worked - you had to have the TV on channel 3 for your VCR, 4 for cable, etc.  The input changing is practically the same thing with just a few more steps, if that helps to make things any clearer.  LOL

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