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Insignia TV display everything in 4:3


I just purchased the 22" 720p Widescreen Flat-Panel LCD HDTV and I am having issues with the display, evrything is displayed in 4:3 so I get the black bars on the side no matter what I watch, even the 16:9 DVD movies have these.

This significantly reduces the size of the screen and I can't get a full widescreen exeprience, am I missing a setup?


I don't like to use the zoom feature from the tv because it leaves out a portion of the picture on the sides and the wide 1 feature is no good either because it distorts the the picture.


Any help would be appeciated, Thanks!


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Re: Insignia TV display everything in 4:3

The picture displaying in that manner is normal for 4x3. You can stretch the picture out to 16x9 or 16x10 and make it full screen but it makes the people kinda look like they put on a few pounds Smiley Very Happy Minor annoyance, but you get used to it after awhile.


In regards to the DVD Movies, keep in mind your movies are not BluRay. While they might look good on an upconvert DVD Player, they will not enhance the picture to fit the whole screen, they will display in the picture format they always had, even if you saw black bars at the top and bottom of your standard definition set.

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Re: Insignia TV display everything in 4:3

Have you pressed the "zoom" key on the remote or changed the aspect ratio in the TV setup?


If your TV is set to "Normal" everything will be in 4:3 aspect ratio.  If you have a 16:9 signal from a DVD player and your TV is set to 4:3, your image will be squished.


The TV should have Normal, Wide, Zoom, and Cinema.  Make sure your DVD player is set to output a 16:9 (wide) image, and press the Zoom button on your remote to get to the Wide zoom.  you shouldn't have the black bars any longer and your image should look accurate.


Hope this helps!

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Re: Insignia TV display everything in 4:3

the aspect ratio should be changeable to your liking from the the tv remote
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Re: Insignia TV display everything in 4:3

What everyone else said should work. Make sure the DVD player is set to 16:9 (1.78:1), and the TV is set to full or cinema. It doesn't have to be BD.

Keep in mind that you will probably still have the black bars on the top and bottom, because most movies are shot in either 1.85:1 or 2.39:1. There are 16:10 (1.6:1) TVs that are coming out, but that'll be a while.

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Re: Insignia TV display everything in 4:3

If you do not have HD service then you will get the bars on the sides.  In order to fill your screen you will need to do what everyone has recommended.  If you subscribe to HD service then all the HD channels will automatically fill the screen.
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Re: Insignia TV display everything in 4:3

Some channels do not fit for the entire screen, even being HD channels.  Some channels are unpackaged and are viewable in fullscreen.  Depends on your cable provider really.


When I got my first LCD widescreen with HD, I was like..What the heck is wrong with my screen lol Smiley Happysmile

I was such a HD wide screen noob.

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Re: Insignia TV display everything in 4:3

Yes... I noticed this on one of my TVs as well.  You can play with the aspect ratio and see what happens.  Sometimes on one of my TVs if I zoom the picture seems better but the bottom is chopped off.  Bah... I just have learned to live with it...