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How to fix "Dead Pixel(s)" on LCD screen

I currently bought a Brand new tv off ebay, and when I got it in the mail, I was excited, but when I turned it on 22" LED Back light LCD 1080p full HDTV, and it has 2 dead pixels. I didn't think much of it, but its passed the point of when I can return it to the owner from which I bought it from. My question is, is there retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart or any other store that can fix Dead Pixels (the pixels aren't stuck, they are dead) I've tried multiple ways to fix it, such as they suggest, but Im willing to spend a few extra bucks to have the 2 pixels replaced/fixed. I've done the tapping the dead pixel to even see if it would register and it doesn't and the damp clothe way, including the heating it up with poor ventilation, for a day or so. I have seen success it in, but not completely. Help would be very much appreciated. thanks.


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Re: How to fix "Dead Pixel(s)" on LCD screen

Unfortunately most of the ways I've heard of to fix truly "dead" pixels have been mostly anecdotal. If anyone else has a suggestion, I'd love to hear it too. I've heard that "white washing" and/or "black washing" the screen for several minutes might help (playing pure white or pure black content on the screen for a long period of time). I've mostly heard of this helping on plasmas with "burn-in" though, but worth a shot I'm guessing. I think if a pixel is stuck open or closed... it's a done deal.
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Re: How to fix "Dead Pixel(s)" on LCD screen

There is a difference betwen a "stuck" pixel and a "Dead" pixel.  a stuck pixel is one that is not cycling; it is either not discharging (stuck on) or not charging (stuck off).  Such pixels can spontaneously correct themselves, and are prone to recurring.


Dead pixels are pixels that are not operating at all.  They are OFF, meaning dark.  If the pixel is on, and displaying any color, then it is stuck and not dead.  Dead pixels are generally not repairable,  and are permanent. 


Forget the "tricks" that you have heard.  Any success you have uysing them is merely coincidental.  In many cases, cycling the unit will revive stuck pixels, as sill allowing the unit to either reach full operating temperature or cooling to the coldest ambient temperature possible.


Good luck...I hope your pixels are stuck and not dead.



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