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Green tint in Sony Bravia LCD TV

I just bought a Sony Bravia 26" LCD HDTV from best buy.  It's all set up with the HD cable box, etc.

I just noticed that occasionally, all the channels (regular and HD) have a green tint.  It will stay like this for a while, then go away, then come back again.

I have not played around with the color setup.  I've just gone through the setup of hooking up my HD cable box.  The fact that the problem comes and goes seems to indicate a flaw in the TV, but that's just my hunch.

Anyone know what the issue is?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Re: Green tint in Sony Bravia LCD TV

does it do this if you play a dvd on it?


ive seen this issue before and it was the tv, however, it could still be something else for you. if it still does it with a dvd playing, return to the store nearest you and exchange it

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Re: Green tint in Sony Bravia LCD TV

Are you using the component inputs? If so, it could be caused by a loose or broken red cable.

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Re: Green tint in Sony Bravia LCD TV

Thanks for the help guys.


I returned my Sony TV and got another one.  Then the same issue surfaced again!  So I returned this TV and then got a Samsung 32 inch (so that's 2 Sony Bravias I returned).  So far no problem with Samsung.  So much for the Sony brand.  The Sony Bravia was actually the more expense of the models, and it turned out to be a bust.  I take my hat off to Best Buy though - I returned 2 TVs (the second one after the 30 day grace period) without any problem.  Wow, that's great customer service.  I will definitely go back there for my next gadget purchase!  Thanks Best Buy.


- Matt