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Dynex HDTV/DVD Combo DVD Player Help

I just bought a new Dynex TV today. I can't seem to get the DVD part to work. I push the DVD button on the remote and it says no signal and the DVD player will not open either. Can anybody help?

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Re: Dynex HDTV/DVD Combo DVD Player Help

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It's hard for us to really give a good answer here. I suggest, if the TV is new, that you go back to the store and see if the person that sold it to you can give you some help. This TV is either defective, or you aren't operating it properly. Usually, with these TVs integrated with DVD/Bluray, simply inserting a disc will switch the TV to DVD/Bluray mode. The input selector on the TV will also accomplish the same goal.

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Re: Dynex HDTV/DVD Combo DVD Player Help

Do you have to actually change the input on those combo TVs when changing b/w watching cable and a DVD?  Because usually no signal simply means you're on the wrong input.  You would fix that by choosing the correct input w/ the directional arrows on the TV remote under the input or source menu that can be accessed by pressing a button labeled as such on that remote.

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