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Dynex DX-LCD32-09 HDMI ports / inputs not working

My Dynex DX-LCD32-09 is just over a year old. It stopped recognizing anything plugged into the HDMI ports today. Not only that, every time the TV starts it goes to the TV input and displays the message "Please run channel auto scan" regardless of which input it was working on before it was turned off. VGA and A/V video is working fine when input is selected, however, once the TV is turned off and back on, it goes back to the TV input and th message about auto scan. I am assuming everything besides HDMI is working but I have only tested VGA and component.


I accessed the service menu and did an EEPROM Initialization (EEPROM Init) but that did not fix the problem. The Software build is 03/20/08 21:17:35 . Is there a way to update the firmware and will that fix the problem? any other suggestions? Can I take to bestbuy for repair? How much will they charge to Diagnose + Fix the problem?


Please help, playing PS3 on A/V port sucks!!!