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Dynex DX-L42-10A & TWC remote

The Dynex web site doesn't list Time Warner Cable (why not???).  I'm trying to get the TWC remote to control the TV.  I've found a few codes that will turn it off, but I can't get it to turn back on.


Has anyone with TWC (San Diego) gotten this to work?

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Re: Dynex DX-L42-10A & TWC remote

I know that some "off" brand TVs share the same code set as the larger brands like Sony or Samsung etc.. However, when I did a google search to try and see if I could help ya out, I found out that, depending on who you talk to, Dynex is actually made by the following companies:







Best Buy


And that was just on the first page of google's results.. Anyone know who Dynex really is made by?? Sometimes you can tell by similarities in the menu appearance. Usually, if you can figure that part out, you can use the same code sets as the major brands..


Have you tried doing a code search with the TWC remote yet?

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Re: Dynex DX-L42-10A & TWC remote

Oh, I forgot to update this...




Someone on another forum helped me out.


One thing that was screwing me up with this set is, after it turns off, you cannot turn it back on immediately.  You need to wait a couple of seconds or so.  When the remote turned the set off, I'd press the power button to turn it back on, that didn't work, and I'd go on looking for more codes... when, if I'd just waited a bit, I'd have been done :-)

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Re: Dynex DX-L42-10A & TWC remote

Dynex and Insignia don't actually make tv's from what I understand. They contract other large companies to make them for them then put their name on them. So depending on what model you get it might be made by a different company. And then some of those companies by their parts from another company.


This is fairly common in the company branding world. Wally world and Cabela's are the two biggest I bet. Cabela's makes no product, they hire other companies to build them and put their name on them. If you go in my local Cabela's they carry about 30 different models of cabela's brand rifle scopes. Each is made by a different company like bushnell, nikon or one of the other large companies. And they vary from model to model and even the sales people have no clue which is which. However Cabela's carries close to 100 rifle scopes in stock so often you can just look at the Cabela's brand scope and compare it with the looks and features of some of the other scopes and pretty easily tell who made it.


Not sure if you can do this with the tv's, but my guess would the menu systems would be the same? Like if the tv you have was made by LG it would have an LG style menu system. I could be completely wrong about that though.

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Re: Dynex DX-L42-10A & TWC remote

Hello paulmohr and all,


I work closely with the Best Buy® Exclusive Brands team and have become familiar with Insignia's and Dynex's manufacture methodology.  While factory partner details are not shared, TVs and other products are designed by Insignia and Dynex engineering teams, manufacturered to their specifications, and tested by them.  As far as TVs go, each manufacturer employs its own menu design and functionality, consistent across the brand. 


It's important to understand the differences too.  Even if two brands of TVs are manufactured by the same factory, differences in how the TV operates can be significant.  Trying to upgrade firmware for one brand with another brand's firmware installer, for example, may have unexpected or even damaging results.  This is the long way of saying that Insignia and Dynex TVs are not simply a re-badged "name brand."  They are of independent design and manufacture.


To learn more, check out the Insignia Story or go here for more about Dynex.




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