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19" lcd dynex tv/dvd combo problem

I am wondering if anyone can help me with this.


I have 2 19" lcd tv/dvd combo... one in each kids room. I mounted em up on the wall so the kids couldn't mess with them.


So now heres my problem, both of the tvs when turned on turn off then back on then back off... continuous


Ive unplugged em, tried pushing different buttons. Still nothing.

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Re: 19" lcd dynex tv/dvd combo problem

Both of them?


Really? Both?


Now that's odd. 


That sort of thing makes you think it's an external problem (not relating to the TV) - but let me ask you this, did they start doing it at the same time or did one do it, and then the other later on? If so, what changes did you make if any?

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