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110/220V and 60/50 Hz on SONY

I'd like to buy a Sony TV from your website to use it in the U.S.A for a couple of years and the to be able to go back to Europe with the TV.


I can see on the specifications:


  • Power Requirements (voltage): AC 120V for UL,cUL; AC 110-240V for other
  • Power Requirements (frequency): 60Hz for UL,cUL; 50/60Hz for other
does it mean that I can use the TV with 50 Hz and 220V  (Europe) as well as in the USA   (dual voltage and dual frequency)?
Thank you guys.
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Re: 110/220V and 60/50 Hz on SONY

No; The power specifications cover all available models, but any model that you purchase for North American use will be 110/120 and 60Hz.  It will also be compatible with NTSC only, and will not be compattible with PAL and SECAM, both of which are used in various parts of Europe.



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Re: 110/220V and 60/50 Hz on SONY

Thank you for your answer.




However I checked some TVs at Samsclub store and at the back of the Sony 4KDL6EX521 LED TV there is a Sony stickers with   110-240 V  -   50-60 Hz........



Does it mean that it may be used in a 220V house in Europe?



I know for the NTSC and the european system (PAL).  Maybe a system converter could help. What do you think about that? Any experiences?