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Ps Vita

Will Best Buy have more of the ps Vita borderlands 2 or any version of the Ps Vita available? i have been looking online the past week and it says its sold out. Why is this?

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Re: Ps Vita

Hello again JBROWN52,


Borderlands 2 is actually one of my favorite games as of recently, although I’ve never played it on the PlayStation Vita. I couldn’t even imagine how much more I’d play if I had the ability to take the game with me. It’s a scary thought, to be honest. While I thank you for wanting to purchase a PlayStation Vita at Best Buy, particularly the Borderlands 2 Limited Edition Bundle, I apologize if you haven’t been able to do so due to availability!


Considering this bundle is referred to as a “Limited Edition”, I think it’s safe to assume there are only so many of them available. It’s possible these may become available through once again. However, I’m not certain on this. My best suggestion would be to keep an eye on for any changes to the availability of both the Borderlands 2 bundle, as well as the standard PlayStation Vita systems.


Let us know if you have any other questions!







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Re: Ps Vita

I bought the PlayStation Vita this morning at 2 AM because it was available and then about 10 minutes later it was sold out when i looked this morning at 9 AM it was available again for about an hour and then It was sold out and then around 1:00 PM I got a message saying that it's unable to send because there aren't any available. If it was unavailable why did it become available twice? I am really getting aggravated with this
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Re: Ps Vita

This has been big news for sometime shortages of vita hardware. From what`s been stated either Sony is gearing up a PS4/PSV bundle for US release or they have found a way to further reduce the manufactoring cost of each unit slowing production down. If they are able to save only a few dollars per unit they will however don`t expect a price cut anytime soon. A temp price drop or better holiday bundles will be the only results.