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Xbox live internet speed requirements?

I went to a friends and played some xbox live, and got addicted. So im checking out the internet available to me (im a bit off the beaten track) and the fastest i can get is through quest, and the best speed they have for my area is 3mps downstream, and 640 kps upstream. I have no idea if thats fast enough for this, so i thought would be a good place to ask, can anyone help?

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Re: Xbox live internet speed requirements?

You won't really know until you try it but that's on the low-end of the spectrum. There are other things that affect your XBL connection such as your router make and model, how it's configured, and whether or not you are using wireless. If you use wireless, you will have higher latency which can either be unnoticeable or very bad depending on what you are doing. As far as routers go, you may or may not have to configure your router to be optimized for Xbox Live. My particular router requires no optimization or configuration because it was designed with Xbox Live in mind, but you may have to configure the traffic prioritization and open ports on your router in order to get multi-player gaming functional with your setup.

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Re: Xbox live internet speed requirements?

Well right now i have a pretty cheap model by dynex i have used for LAN xbox parties ect, but if i get quest installed it comes with a rather nicer router, but i dont know the specific model. I dont believe i would be doing wireless connections, i would probably use an ethernet cable to connect it to the modem. I had my friend run a speed test on his connection, and he has about 5.5 mps down and 500kps upload. according to quest they can give me 3 and 640, and while i was at my friends we ran 2 xbox's online with no lag during gameplay. (sorry i probably should have mentioned all this in the first post)

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Re: Xbox live internet speed requirements?

Hello Kennival, I have At&t...and I recently got it downgraded to 3mbps, which works FINE for xbox live...even though sometimes if your running xbox live and lets say on the internet for your computer, it lags sometimes...But other then that, it works great!

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Re: Xbox live internet speed requirements?



I went from having 6mps+ to about 4.5 or so. I get lag on Xbox Live every once and a while but for the most part it is pretty good. I think that you should be okay but it does depend a lot on your equipment and how heavy the DSL traffic is in your area.


When I play on PlayStation Network with my sister and her husband on their DSL it does fluctuate a bit due to local bandwidth usage. I would say if you want to play and that's the only choice you have go for it and make it work! I get better the more I have to struggle against my lag.


Game on!

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