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looking for a good laptop

I am just starting online college courses and I am looking for a good mid-range laptop. I've looked at Sonys and HPs. I'm leaning toward a HP. Any advice???

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Re: looking for a good laptop

Make sure it has wifi, and ethernet, and I would go with a lower range mobile i5 or i7. What are the online courses of?

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Re: looking for a good laptop

I agree with asandiwich something with an i5 or i7 would be nice but unfortunately if you're trying to stay mid-price, it's never gonna happen. I would recommend 2 computers, if you want to stay in the HP family search "9705373" on the Bestbuy website. It incorporates an i3 processor and 4GB of DDR3, a newer faster type of RAM, it retails for 749.99. If you want my personal suggestion it would be a Toshiba, Best Buy number 9703393, offer the same i3 and 4GB DDR3, but has a larger display and only retails for 679.99. Hope that helps!

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Re: looking for a good laptop

Thanks for the suggestions. My budget does fall between $800-$1000. I was figuring on the i5 processor w/ 4mb of ddr3. Just trying to decide on a dependable pc. I own a desktop but never had a laptop.

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Re: looking for a good laptop

A little laptop history from a longtime user since you are looking for your first one.


I am on about my 20th generation of laptops. My first was the original Thinkpad from IBM...great laptop that sold for $7000 in 1993. I have owned three Macs (have one now), have had 9 Dells (have five now), several MPCs, 1 Acer, 1 Travelmate, 1 Toshiba, 2 Sagers (great performers). My favorite of all time is the one I am typing's just like the XPS Inspiron you see Sheldon use on the Big Bang Theory. *;-) 


Fastest hard drive I have ever had (250 GB Solid State), 4 GB of RAM, Bluray burner, and lighted keyboard. The only complaint I have is the keys are grey in color and the lights make it hard to see the key symbols under office lights. It has Vista 64-bit Ultimate which is kind of like the last of the muscle cars since Microsoft dropped Dream scene content for Windows 7 Ultimate.


I am going to buy my wife a replacement for her still decent Inspiron 6000 which I bought 4 years ago at the Dell Refurbished outlet. Type Refurbished in the search box at to see all the offerings. I am looking at the Studios in the 17 inch screen and will probably get one of the cool colors. Stay away from scratch and dent offerings. You will save 30% off new prices.


If you want a new one BB has some decent Studios in your price range. Or get one at Dell as you can be dang sure they will ship it way faster that BB and not charge you until it actually ships (unlike BB). I doubt I will ever order online again from BB as their shipping and stock software must be running on Apple II GS floppies. But if they have an item I want in the store I'll probably patronize them if the price is right.


I have repaired thousands of different laptop models over the years and found more issues (not always defects, but sometimes just poor performance) with HP, Acer, Gateway, and Compaq, as well as the defunct MPCs. I definitely would never buy a Compaq or Gateway. HP and Dell both have tremendous amounts of add-on crapware and some of the new Dells I am not too happy with the new Connection Manager wireless software. But that's why people pay me the big bucks to remove that useless stuff and make the unit really shine. *;-)


I know you will get a good PC in your price range and they all will seem pretty snappy at first. The question is how reliable will they be 4 years later. I have two Dell laptops that are Pentium 4, 7 years old with 2 GB of RAM and they are still really nice performers. I don't see many 7-year old laptops of other brands that match up.


Think about weight and viewability. If you're really going to be mobile, then a 15 inch screen may be a good fit. If you need a desktop replacement get the 17 inch. One thing is for sure...your computing life will never be the same after you get your laptop. I haven't used a desktop as my main computer for 17 years and I don't miss them.