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Windows 7 upgrade issue with ACER AX1700

This is a FYI for people thinking about buying an Acer desktop with the hopes of a free Windows 7 upgrade.


On July 3, 2009 I went into a local Best Buy looking at desktops. I saw the Acer x1700 and asked 2 different sales people if it was eligible for the free Windows 7 upgrade. TWO sales people, both of whom told me that it was certainly eligible. So, believing them, I brought it home, set it up and tried to register for the free upgrade. I got a message saying that my model was NOT eligible. I went back to BB and had TWO MORE people tell me that it should be eligible. One of them was a Geek Squad tech who tried really hard to find out what was going on, even got me a number to call to reach a human at Acer.


Upon reaching a human at Acer, I was initially told that it was eligible, only to have the tech then put me on hold and come back to tell me that it ISN'T. 


Because of this run-around and lack of usefull information, I brought the computer and all its components back to BB and I will not be buying another computer from BB or Acer. HP/Compaq and Asus both have a list of their eligible computers availible for review on their web sites, unlike Acer, unlike Best Buy, who is selling these computers to consumers.  I truely feel Acer and Best Buy are misleading the public when they promote and sell computers that they insist are eligible for a free upgrade when they are not.


I have seen posts saying that BB is working out a similar issue that they are having with another computer company. I hope that they are going to be working this out with Acer as well, for the other people who are dealing with this craziness. I also hope that they are educating their sales people, who are still pushing these ineligible computers onto people.

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Re: Windows 7 upgrade issue with ACER AX1700

Best Buy is reviewing this issue as per this link:

*I am a BB employee but my opinions are my own.*
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Re: Windows 7 upgrade issue with ACER AX1700

Well you know what's funny, I bought the Ax-1700 from best buy. I got the free windows upgrade from acer. Those "pushy" salespeople were right. Now you should feel dumb. I find it funny that when you went to thier website and saw the aspire 1700 listed you let them convince you otherwise. Now call acer back and make them help you. You insulted and slandered people, because your dumb. So shut your dumb mouth, cause they were right. Oh by the way, There is no wireless card, so if you plan on doing so with windows 7 go back and get this one SKU#9301169. It is the only one that works. Now assuming how dumb you are mr pushy mik pushover, pay the nice geeksquad agents to install it and while your there give them 40$ to install windows 7 for you, not because you can't get it for free- because your so dumb you'll probally mess it up. And maybe while your there you might want to apologise unless you like wally worlds customer service and expert advice better. Ha Ha Ha!

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Re: Windows 7 upgrade issue with ACER AX1700

Is there a reason for digging up a thread from 7/13?

***Please keep in mind that I am not employed by Best Buy and are just a regular forums Super User and an everyday shopper like you. If you find my posting helpful, please add kudos to it. Remember to mark answered questions as solved if something helped you to speed up the answer queue for other customers***
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Re: Windows 7 upgrade issue with ACER AX1700

Well you know what's even funnier is you digging this dead thread up. I mean really, you had nothing better to do than this? But then again, since you don't even know the difference between "your" and "you're", I guess that explains plenty. Obviously you took this way too personally.  Let me clear up some of your assumptions for you:


1. Slander is for spoke words, Libel is for written. Since nothing I wrote was false at the time, nor written with malicious intent, neither of those apply. I also seriously doubt my post harmed the reputation of BB or Acer.


2. I knew it didn't have a wireless card when I bought it, and I bought a USB adapter at the time that worked just fine. Got returned with the computer since I no longer needed it.


3. As I said in the original post, you would see that I returned the computer to Best Buy, therefore I have no reason to call Acer, since I no longer own that computer.


4. There are many stores and websites that sell computers so I really don't know why you would assume (again, wrongly) that I would go to some place as lacking as wally world when there is Micro Center, The N***** website that we can't mention  Smiley Wink  and HP's own web site, which is where I got my replacement computer.


And to clarify, I have nothing against Geek Squad or BB, I was just very upset with the situation at the time. As I said in my original post, I really appreciated the GS tech who went so far out of his way to help me. And for those like you who might not feel secure enough to install hardware or software themselves, Geek Squad offers an invaluable service. I have never used them myself, but have heard good things.


Thank you Mr.. Britches in a bunch over nothing, for such an amusing interlude. I do so love feeding the trolls. Hope you had a fabulous holiday season and I wish you all a Happy New Year!. Smiley Very Happy