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Which computer should I use for autodesk software?

I want high ram and memory...  I guess? I'm not sure that's why I'm asking. I need it to run 3 or 4 autodesk programs so I need space for it all and the speed to keep up with it which laptop should I chose?

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Re: Which computer should I use for autodesk software?

My Macbook Pro can run Autodesk Automotive if I ask it to. Maya is smooth. But any other programs like Mudbox or how they function when the programs start getting a bunch of layers, I have no idea. 

You're best bet is to get into contact with Autodesk's customer service or hop on their forums would be a better bet. You can still purchase the laptop through Best Buy for Business because it's going to be a more highend computer than what they sell in stores. Don't be surprised if you're asked to spend  up around $2000-$4000 for this type of machine. Seriously, anything less and you're more than likely not getting the graphic or CPU quality you need to get the full experience of Autodesk. If you do on a lower quality machine, don't get mad when you're laptop gets super hot or runs annoyingly sluggish. That's professional grade software, do yourself a favor and get a professional grade machine. 


And by the way... RAM = memory, same thing. You must have meant, a lot of RAM and a big hard drive for storage. Also, make sure that the operation system that you get is at the least 64-bit. so you can stuff as much RAM in the laptop as it can hold. 

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Re: Which computer should I use for autodesk software?

I am a GIS Technician and I also use AutoCAD Map 3D. 


Key factors are large hard drives, at least 8 gb of RAM.  A large hard drive is necessity for GIS.  Most of the CAD drawings I use are not terribly large.


You will also want to look to one with dedicated graphics.  You certainly do not want to entertaing AutoCAD in and integrated grapics environment. Your refresh rate will be horrible.



For a GPU (graphics card) I would recommend at least a NVIDIA 640 or better with at least 1 gb of memory on it.

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