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Repair question - HP Touch-screen laptop

Hi all, 


The screen on my husband's HP laptop got cracked last night.  (It's one of those new HP laptops with the touch screen; can't remember the exact name.) We're not sure if it's just the outer screen or if the crack is all the way through.  Is it possible to repair this damage? Any idea how much it might cost to repair?






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Re: Repair question - HP Touch-screen laptop

Its very costly to replace touch screen technology, or a screen in general unless you have accidental coverage on it. Prepare on spending at least a minimum of $200


If you know how to repair yourself and you can get the parts cheap you might have something

fixable. but you might be better off purchasing something else new. 


I have strong hands, thats why I stay away from those flimsy things. 


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Re: Repair question - HP Touch-screen laptop

I don't think there is an "outer screen".


Laptop screens usually cost at least $300 to fix. Since it's a touch screen, I'd say $500+.

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Re: Repair question - HP Touch-screen laptop

Screens are one of the most expensive part of the computer, especially on a touch screen unit.


If the unit does not have a protection plan on it, you'll be looking from $400 and up to repair the unit; most likely more due to the touch screen. It's hard to quote the repair costs of it because screens and labor pricing vary on unit to unit. If you have a Performance Service Plan or Geek Squad Black Tie Protection with Accidental Damage Handling, then the repairs would be covered under that.

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