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Printers Compatible With Windows 8

Where are they?  The only one that I can find is a HP Envy 120.  Anybody have one?  Recommend it?  What is the best printer that is compatible with Windows 8.  I want an all-in-one, that does a great job with photo scanning.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Printers Compatible With Windows 8

For the most part, any printer that's compatible with Win7 "should" be compatible with Win8, since Win8 was mostly an update on the looks of 7.

What's your budget?

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Re: Printers Compatible With Windows 8

You should be able to buy most any printer and it should work with Windows 8. I upgraded my fathers computer to a Windows 8 machine and I did have to go out to HP and download the Win 8 Drivers but it is fully funcitonal.


I acqured a Win 8 machine for home use.  My wireless All in one Epson is 15 months old.  As soon as I connected my Win 8 machine to my network and entered my secure network password the new computer went to work and automatically conneced my wireless printer and installed the drivers.  For that matter it also recongized my old computer, my Xbox and my Tivo all on the same network.


Long story short  you should be able to buy any printer and it should work.


Best Printer.  I don't know.  I think you would be happy with any of the Epson or HP All in Ones.  Mine is wireless and I have it in the basement.  Physically about 20 feet from my router and through a TV cabinet and two floors andit works great.


The one linked below is similar The  Artisan 730


One feature I really like about my Epson is that is uses 6 ink cartridges for better color.   The lower down printer I would consider if photo printing is not essential.  However, I don't really think you can go wrong with any of hte Epson or HP units


Model: C11CB18201 | SKU: 3071444

This printer features MicroPiezo technology that produces high-definition prints for vibrant, detailed photos. The PictBridge port and memory card slots expand your printing options for versatile use.

Sale: $199.99


Model: C11CC45201 | SKU: 6502305

Create documents quickly with this Epson Expression Premium XP-800 Small-in-One C11CC45201 printer that offers print speeds up to 12 ISO ppm* in black and up to 11 ISO ppm* in color. The 3.5" touch screen with gesture navigation simplifies operation.

Sale: $139.99



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