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Plugged In, Not Charging

Bear with me...I'm the least technical person there is   


I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 - 14 Months Old.   Warranty Expired.


Just yesterday,  It was charging & holding charge normally.    All of a sudden today I have 0%,Plugged In, Not Charging.       


There seems to be many of these on the Dell boards just after the 12 month mark.    Most required a new motherboard...some just a new battery.      Is there a cheap/easy  way to tell which one?    Can I take it to my local Best Buy for them to check.....what will it cost me?

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Re: Plugged In, Not Charging

Is there a green light on the power adapter?


If your getting a not plugged in and not charging message then it is most likely the power port on your laptop. This would require a new motherboard or sometimes you can purchase the power module and have someone solder it onto the motherboard.

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Re: Plugged In, Not Charging

I had the same proble with my laptop and I brought it to Best Buy to see if it's possible to fix it. It turned out that there was a problem with the battery in my laptop, not with the charger. In Best Buy, proffesionals took care of my case and fixed my laptop. Even though it was about 3 years old, It still charges perfectly. I think that you should fix it now before it's too late. Maybe you will have to pay a lot, but trust me, it is better to pay now when there is only one problem than pay twice as much later, when the one problem turns into more.
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