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HP dv7 freezes and displays black and grey vertical lines.


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I'm suspecting it's my graphics card, but I'm not sure. It seems to only happen when I'm playing games and it started suddenly. 3 times in the last day it froze and gave me a solid screen with nothing but black and grey lines. It doesn't respond to anything and I have to force it to shut down. I'm very careful to make sure that all my vents are uncovered, but I think it's overheating for one reason or another. I'm also sure it's not just dust. If I'm doing anything other then gaming it seems ok, but all I can test is my CPU temp, which seems to hover around 55C when idle, but i don't know if that's normal. I haven't tested it yet while gaming because it'll require another obnoxious shut-down, I'm sure.


This computer is under a year old, purchased last December. I unfortunately did not purchase a warranty with it, but I was not anticipating having problems so soon from a laptop made by a brand I trusted. I've already had to replace a charger that burned up.


Does anyone know if this has been a problem with these computers, or do I just have the random defective part? Also, am I covered by Geek Squad at all if it's under a year, or is this HP's problem to deal with?

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Re: HP dv7 freezes and displays black and grey vertical lines.

Ok, tried it this time and it was grey and yellow stripes. CPU only got to 63C, and the computer doesn't feel too warm. I'm beginning to think it isn't really overheating, it's just plain shot.

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Re: HP dv7 freezes and displays black and grey vertical lines.

55C idle temp to me seems warm, but that may just be how that laptop/proc are meant to run.


It does sound like an overheating issue of your CPU though, as once a CPU hits a critical temp, the system will start forcibly downclocking itself in a self preservation attempt, but if that doesn't work it will simply power off.


You are covered by a one year manu. warranty, which BestBuy/Geeksquad does honor.


I would suggest taking it into a store to have them do a diagnostic(free for you under warranty) to determine if it needs to be shipped off for server(which, just going by what you posted) it will.


Make sure to back up any documents you have to an external media before you take it in, as if it's a HDD issue, it will be replaced. Also make sure you have recovery media made/available, just in case.



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Re: HP dv7 freezes and displays black and grey vertical lines.

Yeah, I'll probably have them check it out. I just got a Wacom tablet that I ordered and need to go pick up from the store.  I don't know that I'll have it shipped out right away, but it would be nice to confirm it's a hardware problem.


I also contacted HP on the matter and they gave me a whole list of stuff I can try to see if it's an issue with a driver or something, but I'm doubting it. It is very much acting like a problem with the hardware somewhere.


It's just disappointing when stuff starts to fail so soon on a nearly new computer. My cousin and I built a gaming desktop nearly 5 years ago, it runs almost constantly and I only just recently replaced a dead hard drive.