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HELP! How do I use my Geek Squad Recovery Disks?

I bought an emachines computer at Best Buy 3 months ago, and taped to the side of the box were two geek squad disks.  They say, in marker, recovery disk 1 of 2 and recovery disk 2 of 2.  For reasons I won't go into (Norton stinks), I need to return my computer to it's original condition, but I can't figure out how to get these recovery disks to work.  I was told by my ISP service people to insert disk 1 and restart the computer, but nothing happens other than a normal restart.  I can see files and stuff on the disk when I look at it - how do I get it to run?
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Re: HELP! How do I use my Geek Squad Recovery Disks?

If its an emachines computer, on the "e" logo keep pressing alt and F10 which will bring up the empowering technology recovery console (Unless the GS removed the recovery partition that is)
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