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Forgot your Password?

A lot of people seem to be forgetting their passwords as of late. It happens but before you have to spend another $29.99 to reset it at a best buy why don't you create yourself a reset disc for Windows.

In Windows 7 and Vista  click Start > Your Image Icon. In the User Accounts Window there is an option on the left side that reads "Create Password Reset disc"


if you have a floppy drive get a blank floppy if not get a USB stick and create yourself a password reset disc. Save it in a safe place and the next time you forget your password use it to reset it and you won't lose any of your data or pay anyone to reset it for you.

Also if you forget to create a reset disc or don't can't find yours if you have another computer you can Google Password Recovery Tools and there are a few that are malware free that can be used to reset your password. They tend to require a blank DVD. But if you're uncomfortable with that you can go the Best Buy Route.


If you have a Mac its pretty simple to do a password reset if you have the recovery disc.
Get your system disc, insert it into the Mac reboot the system hold the C key when you hear the start up sound when the apple logo appears release the key. Select your language. Then depending on which version your using the reset password option is located under the "installer" or "utilities" menu. Then select the user account and the drive OSX is on. The rest should be pretty much straight forward from there.



if I missed something please feel free to add what I missed.

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Re: Forgot your Password?

MichaelHWG, I used your instructions and took screen shots, because this is *really* useful information, and screenshots help clarify.



Step 1 and 2: Click on START and then click on your picture up above.





Step 3: Click on Create Password Reset Disk.





Step 4: Press Next




Step 5: Press Next




Step 6: Press Next





Step 7: Press Next





Step 8: You're done! Hide the disc away where only you can access it (but remember where it is!). 



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