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Can you put laptops on layaway?

im savin up for a laptop and if i caluculated it correctly, i shuld have enough money by mid october, can i put a laptop on layaway 'till then?

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Re: Can you put laptops on layaway?

Hey there, unfortunately, we do not offer layaway. Smiley Sad


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Re: Can you put laptops on layaway?

The only retailer left that I know of who still does layaways in K-Mart and I don't think they sell any laptops. LOL...I have not been inside a K-Mart in years.


Put your money in a savings account and once you have enough saved up then head over to BB and pick out your laptop. Smiley Happy

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Re: Can you put laptops on layaway?

A great option BB does offer is the BB Credit Card. There are everyday financing options of 90 days on <$299, and six months on >$299. Also, there are usually promo offers going on, such as 18 months on >$499.