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Best router for multiple users

I'm looking for recommendations for a new router for home use. We are currently using an old, cheap Belkin and it's showing it's age. We have a Mac laptop, Dell laptop, an iPad, two iPhones and will soon be hooking up a Samsung Smart Blu-Ray player. Any suggestions? With just the two laptops, we've been experiencing too much lag, so I really need an upgrade.


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Re: Best router for multiple users

If all of those are going to be using the network at the same time, you need a high-end router. Nothing under $100 will do. I recommend a Netgear WNDR3700 if you can still find them on the shelf. Also, do not expect great things from your network if you are streaming a lot of video wirelessly to your iDevices, notebooks, and Blu-Ray player as it wastes much of the internal bandwidth on your wireless network and will make everything slower. You should invest in Powerline Ethernet adapters for the Blu-Ray player unless it's in the same room as the router and you can run an Ethernet cable as Ethernet will outperform ANY wireless connection you could setup and streaming video through the Blu-Ray player will require A LOT of bandwidth for HD Netflix, HD Hulu, and other such things.