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Remote start compatible with manual transmission?



I was directed here by Marti from your FB page.  I would like to know if your remote start


(CompuStar Remote Start, Universal Bypass System & Geek Squad® Installation - SKU: 9999189600050003)


would work with my 2012 Mazda 3 S Touring 6-speed manual transmission.  If so, are there safety precautions like an e-brake sensor or clutch override that will be put in place so my car won't drive away if I remote start it in gear?



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Re: Remote start compatible with manual transmission?

call your local shop compustart the ones that we carry in store will be compatible, the one that you are trying to show me woudln't pull up so i cant give you a 100 percent answer.  call your shop make sure they know what precautions they would need for a manual transmission, and see if they are a compustart store.  start by calling your local best buy installation bay. good luck

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Re: Remote start compatible with manual transmission?

all compustar units can be installed in manual transmission vehicles, when you turn your car off you will have to do a shut down sequence called "reservation mode" with the car running you put it in neutral with the clutch still in and your foot on the brake. you then let out the clutch leaving your foot on the brake, pull your e-brake, and then let your foot off the brake, when you turn off your key, the car will stay running, you get out and when you shut your door, the engine will shut down. it sounds like a lengthy process but give it a couple days and it will become second nature to shut your car down that way. As an added safety feature, if any of your doors are opened after you have put the car in reservation mode, it will not remote start just in case you were rummaging for something and you accidentally knocked the shifter into gear. I hope this helped.
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Re: Remote start compatible with manual transmission?

jaredjvus explanation is perfect that is how the alarm module works, the only part i don't like is that the car can move with the emergency brake on if park in a inclined road

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Re: Remote start compatible with manual transmission?

that is a bit of an issue, i ran into that problem with my car a bit ago. After a while your ebrake cable stretches a bit so it is not as effective. You can tighten that cable and it works a ton better. That might be the solution and its pretty cheap to have done.