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Re: Poor Customer Service from the Allen Park, MI Best Buy

      I’m having a similar issue Robert… I purchased a TV back in February of this year and had no use for it because my mancave wasn’t ready for it. After mounting it and after an hour of troubleshooting turns out that all the HDMI ports are bad. I did the usual research online and contacted Insignia and it turns out that this a known flaw with this HDTV and they instructed me to contact Best Buy. I called Best Buy and received the same song and dance like you just received from JJ-BBY Social Media Specialist…


      Yes, I am aware of the 15-day return period and wasn’t looking for a refund, just a repair or a replacement. I was instructed to bring the T.V in and pay Geek Squad to run a diagnostic which would cost me even more money. I’m very disappointed to say the least about how customers are being handled here at Best Buy. Bottom line is that we as consumers are the bloodline for companies like this and this treatment just reaffirms that my business will go elsewhere from now on (Amazon anyone?). This reply you received seemed very cut and paste and pretty much a slap in the face and offed up no resolution to your issue, just we are right and you are wrong scenario.

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Re: Poor Customer Service from the Allen Park, MI Best Buy

That is exactly how I feel. I just know now to go through Amazon, as neither of these would be an issue if we had made the purchase there. Lesson learned, albeit a $321 lesson. I will no longer use Best Buy and will actively warn all of the other veterans at the VA hospital I frequent of Best Buy's shady business tactics.
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Re: Poor Customer Service from the Allen Park, MI Best Buy

Good Afternoon Darkisamu,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! It’s discouraging to hear the Insignia TV you purchased for your Man Cave may be defective. I’d be happy to help you discuss what options may be available at this time.


As you’ve noted our Return & Exchange Promise is 15 days for Core My Best Buy customers. However, since you purchased an Insignia TV other options may be present at this time. Typically, Best Buy’s own Geek Squad would service your unit under the manufacturer’s warranty.


Have you discussed this matter directly with your local Best Buy? Insignia’s website states the following: Please visit your local retail provider for returns or repairs under warranty. Did you call 1-888-BEST BUY or Insignia Support at 1-877-467-4289? I apologize the agents over the phone may not have advised you correctly on this matter.


I look forward hearing more about your experience to see how I may be able to assist you further.



Mariah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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