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Why I will ALWAYS buy my cell phones from best buy... 30 day PRICE MATCH... Period the end.

In general, Im not one to go on line and create a forum thread. But I have to do it today.


On Sep 20th 2010, I purchased 3 phones from Best Buy on the Sprint network. The transaction went smooth and the phones were 90.00 cheaper then the Sprint store and Sprint website. I was happy with my transaction. Nothing to write a forum thread about happy. Just regular happy.


The Best Buy Mobile person told me to just keep checking the phone on line to see if the price drops for the next month because they have a 30 day price guarantee. I said ok cool.. I will do that.


Well the following week the phone dropped 20 bucks for the first phone on the plan, and I went over to best buy and they immediately gave me 20 bucks back plus tax. Took a grand total of 10 minuets of my time. I was like cool. And even more happy about my purchase... Not write a thread happy... But still more happy then before and I was patting myself on the back.


The following week I needed a car remote battery so I hopped on a competitor's website to make sure they had that battery because it was closer to my home then best buy and I saw that they too carried sprint phones. I said to myself, well lets see how much they were selling the phones I purchased for. And low and behold they had those phones on sale that week for free for all three phones. I printed out the information and headed over to best buy.


And would you know... 20 min later after verification of my printout, I was given back 200 bucks! Well now I was really happy that I made my purchase at Best Buy and I will always do such from now on. You can't beat their 30 day price match guarantee ANYWHERE. .. I was so happy, I felt like I had to write this thread. Good job Best Buy.